Navigate to Definition in Visual Studio 2010

Visual Studio has a window that will show you the source code of any selected method, class, property or field. It is called the Code Definition window. You can display this window by using the menu and going to View->Code Definition Window (or Ctrl+\,Ctrl+D). This displays under the code editor by default.

You can use this in sync with the Call Hierarchy Window to quickly navigate to interface implementations. By right clicking on an item in the Code Defintion Window and choosing View Call Heirarchy (or Ctrl+K, Ctrl+T). When you are viewing the call heirarchy on an abstract item, a folder displays called Implements. In this folder will be displayed all the classes that implement this method, and clicking on one of them will take you to the definition indicated.


  1. highlight the definition you want to see. It automatically shows up in the Code Definition Window.
  2. Press Ctrl+\,Ctrl+D to navigate to the Code Definition Window
  3. Finally, press Ctrl+K, Ctrl+T to show the Code Hierarchy Window
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